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AmeriHealth - New online tools to help members achieve well-being

Achieving better health and well-being is now easier than ever for members with new online tools that launch this month on The new well-being capabilities are part of a broader suite of personalized, engaging tools that empower individuals to take an active role in their health. The new features include Health Trackers that collect and compile data from members’ personal health apps and wearable devices, a Health Navigator with information for identifying and diagnosing health problems, an enhanced Personal Health Record, and an expanded library of Health Content.

New member tools to achieve well-being
The initial launch of Achieve tools begins this month with the introduction of capabilities to support well-being; a new Find a Doctor tool will also debut later this month. The second wave of the new well-being tools will go live this spring. The new tools launching on this month include:
•    Health Trackers: With the new Health Trackers, members can monitor and track their activity levels and biometric readings, including weight, blood pressure, labs, and screenings. The Health Trackers also collect and compile data from members’ personal health apps and wearable devices like Fitbit® or MapMyFitness, so members can chart their progress over time.
•    Personal Health Record: A confidential resource for managing, storing, and maintaining personal health information, the Personal Health Record makes it easy for members to keep track of their health history. With mobile access and the ability to print copies of records, members can easily review and discuss their records with their providers. Members can also access and print health assessment reports, immunizations, physician visits, tests, surgeries, allergies, medications, chronic conditions and claims. The Personal Health Record has been updated to include health record displays for insured, dependent members under the age of 18 as well as access to immunization records and physician reports.
•    Health Content: Health Content is an expansive library of reliable health information and interactive tools that educates, engages, and enlightens members on a wide variety of health topics. An “at your fingertips” resource, it includes the most current, clinically accurate, evidenced-based content provided by a leading online health content source. The newly expanded content includes relevant articles, vibrant illustrations and engaging videos. In addition, modern magazine-style content, trending topics, and nutritious recipes engage and entertain members.
Member communications
Targeted messaging to help members understand and use the new online well-being tools will be shared through in-portal alerts later this month.



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