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UnitedHealthcare/Oxford - Hoboken University Medical Center's Participation

Hoboken University Medical Center's participation in the
UnitedHealthcare and Oxford networks

We are committed to providing your clients and their employees with access to comprehensive and affordable health care services. As part of that strategy, we are notifying them by letter that Hoboken University Medical Center, in Hoboken, New Jersey, as of December 4, 2011, no longer participates in our networks.

Hoboken University Medical Center is in the process of changing ownership and has decided not to continue their network agreements that Hoboken University Medical Center had with UnitedHealthcare and Oxford.

This change in our hospital networks impacts UnitedHealthcare and Oxford commercial business, as well as Oxford Medicare and the Medicaid lines of business. All services, other than emergency care, will be out-of-network for these impacted members as of December 4, 2011.

Please encourage your clients and their employees to access non-emergency hospital services from a participating (network) hospital to avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket costs that can occur when using a non-participating (out-of-network) hospital.

Members presently receiving inpatient hospital services through Hoboken University Medical Center or admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis will continue to be covered for medically necessary services at the in-network benefit level. Members who have an elective procedure already scheduled or are planning for one at Hoboken University Medical Center should contact their physician for assistance with selecting a participating hospital.

A primary care physician or specialist should not refer a member to Hoboken University Medical Center for any non-emergency treatment or test. Instead, members should be referred to one of the neighboring hospitals in our networks, as listed below.


Neighboring Hospitals in the
UnitedHealthcare and Oxford Networks

Christ Hospital

Meadowlands Hospital and Medical Center

Jersey City Medical Center

Palisades Medical Center



We are encouraging physicians who are solely affiliated with Hoboken University Medical Center to gain admitting privileges at another hospital that is participating in our networks. Employees with a physician who may become non-participating as a result of having admitting privileges only at Hoboken University Medical Center will receive a second letter from us explaining their Transitional Care rights. Details on how to go about choosing a new physician will also be provided in this second letter.

Attached, for your reference, are samples of the letters we are sending your clients and their employees. Please click the link below to view a letter.

·         Oxford Employer Letter

·         Oxford Member Letter

·         UnitedHealthcare Employer Letter

·         UnitedHealthcare Member Letter


Our negotiations with Hoboken University Medical Center will continue, and we will notify you, your clients and their employees if we reach a new agreement and the hospital rejoins our networks.

Thank you for your support during this difficult transition. If you would like more information or have questions, please contact your sales representative.



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