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Affiliated-QualCare June 2016 Broker Blast

When Jun 20, 2016
from 10:40 AM to 10:40 AM
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Many times I hear the MEWA referred to as an alternative option, a small group option, or an option for the health coverage of medical providers.
While all true, I want to be clear that we are so much more.
In the past year, I'm confident in saying we have shifted the needle from being the alternative to the mainstream.  More brokers are leading with the MEWA option and closing new business because of that.  Our large group business has seen tremendous growth as we have about 12,000 large group members.  While we are still a very viable option for members of the medical community, nearly 95% of our sales come from commercial businesses.
A lot can be attributed to our history of writing good sustainable business with great partners.  A lot can also be attributed to our enhancements over the past 6 months.  If you have been reading these broker blasts you would have seen the improvements we have been making to our product selection, networks, customer service, and broker relationships.
We have put in a lot of work to date, but I can assure you we have only just begun.  For the remainder of 2016, you can expect:
•    Cigna OAP network to replace First Health and GHI wraps outside of NJ
•    Product Enhancements
•    CE course led by Steve Honig of O.C.A. RE: NJ MEWA Law
•    Further progress towards our goal of being "best in class" service organization
That's not all...we will have a major "breaking news" announcement in the coming months.  Stay tuned for information on dates/times.
While reading this, and thinking about the work we have done this year, I'd like to call on our broker partners to provide feedback on the progression you have seen us make this year.  All constructive criticism is welcomed.
I hope you enjoy your June as much as we hope to!
Rob Saphow
Sr. Director Business Development



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