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New Medical ID Cards Coming Soon

New ID Card is coming soon!

The Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan members will receive new medical identification cards.  
The cards reflect the following  changes:
•    eviCore- Language and Logo added to the back of the card:
o    Pre-Certification is required for certain services. Call QualCare to verify pre-certification requirements at 888-670-8135.
o    For High-Tech Radiology and Diagnostic Cardiology Services requiring pre-certification, call eviCore healthcare at 888-693-3211 to begin the pre-certification process.
•    The Health Information Line is here for your 24/7
o    Whether you're looking for general information or have a specific health concern, the Health Information Line (HIL) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 855-279-2230 and you'll be connected with a nurse who is ready to help answer your health questions.
It is important that members discard old Medical/Rx identification cards and begin using the new ID cards immediately. If you have made a plan change not reflected, disregard the card. You will receive a new ID card once the plan change has been processed.



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