Walsh Family Charities

Each year, Walsh Family Charities hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. Together with your support, Walsh Family Charities has been able to support the extraordinary work of Dr. Patrick Borgen, MD in his fight against Breast Cancer…

Mammography, the cornerstone of breast cancer diagnosis, is a 50 year old test that has saved countless lives by diagnosing breast cancer at a stage when the disease is highly curable. But this venerable screening test is far from perfect. The false negative rate associated with mammography ranges from 10% to 40%. This means that thousands of women in the United States each year are falsely reassured by a mammography report that is 'normal'. Moreover, mammography involves compression of the breast and exposes the patient to low levels of radiation. Why has more progress NOT been made?

The Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) technology represents the first true advance in breast cancer screening in half a century. Rather than relying on anatomic changes in the breast, the BSGI identifies FUNCTIONAL changes that are associated with cancer. The technology captures vital tumor information by viewing the metabolism of cancerous growths by measuring the uptake of a radiopharmaceutical tracer. The mitochondria of cancer cells preferentially uptake this unique dye and the Dilon 6800 gamma camera is able to identify this process in the breast. Cancerous growths just millimeters in size can be visualized with this novel device. The test does not involve compression of the breast and does not expose the breast to radiation. The test is FDA approved and is covered by virtually all insurance carriers.

The Brooklyn Breast Cancer Project at the Maimonides Cancer Center, through a generous grant from the Walsh Family Charities and their supporters has brought this exciting technology to our patients in Brooklyn and the Greater New York area. For more information about scheduling a Breast Specific Gamma Imaging test please call (718) 765-2570.

Dr. Patrick Borgen, MD
Director, Brooklyn Breast Cancer Project

Click here for details on this year's event on June 7, 2018.

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