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By Cody Wilson, 03/29/2018
As businesses continue to track more details about customers, products, and sales, it only makes sense that we would begin have more access to these kinds of details about one of the most expensive products we all buy – health insurance. It has been said time and time again, if you are buying something...

By Lauren Randall, 02/21/2018
‘LessBad’ Put simply, medical trend for the past several years is ‘less bad.’ It might not be the most grammatical term, but relative to a very volatile 2007 where medical trend rose as high as 12 percent, the steady 6-7 percent increase for the past five years seems somewhat more...

Open Enrollment System Checklist – What Systems Should Provide for 2016

Open enrollment season is rapidly approaching and January 1st businesses will once again seek streamlined solutions to complex challenges like benefits enrollment. Today, enrollment systems should provide comprehensive services, from pre-enrollment loading of eligibility data to assisting in benefit decisions, and feeding election data to the carriers and vendors.

Use the enrollment checklist below to determine if your current enrollment system provides all the services your need:



  • Consolidated billingtouching screen on tablet-pc
  • Automatic data aggregation
  • Supports rules-based architecture
  • Web-centric enrollment & eligibility
  • Electronically feeds all carriers and payroll system
  • Comprehensive ACA compliance reporting & analysis
  • Accessible health benefit accounts (including FSAs, HSAs and HRAs)
  • Integrated tools to support benefits shopping, enrollment and education.

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By: csmith