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By Caroline Smith, 12/28/2018
“J-Codes” and “medical specialty pharmacy” claims are going to be one of the top two procedure categories in terms of cost within your health plan. Knowing the amount of waste and abuse can give you insight into how you can develop strategies to drive more cost-effective utilization of the...

By Caroline Smith, 08/15/2018
Our Health Care Reform Timeline is a perpetual timeline of all healthcare reform updates from 2010 to 2020 (and 2022 - when the Cadillac Tax is scheduled to "begin"). Should you have any questions reagrding this Timeline or any deadline included therein, please contact a local member of the...

AssuredPartners Employee Benefits Newsletter - Second Quarter 2018

This Newsletter contains important benefits-related news items, deadlines, and updates both from the second quarter of 2018and looking forward into the third quarter!